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Automation of the sampling process

As the highest level of automation we are able to implement a complete system that will make it possible to take a sample and subsequently separate it, measure the principal quality indicators, produce a sample for further processing or archiving and return all the surplus to the vehicle. All this is done with minimal interventions of the personnel.

Quality features that can be measured in this cycle:

  • vzorkovacfor wheat: moisture content, specific weight, content of N-substances, sedimentation value, content of gluten
  • for barley: specific weight, content of N-substances in the dry matter
  • for oil bearing crops: moisture content, specific weight, fat content
  • for other crops in the range of available calibrations of the NIR analyzer

A separator with an automatically adjustable separation ratio ensures that a sufficient quantity of the sample will be taken and at the same time after the separation a spare sample with the weight of approx. 1 kg will remain. We are ready to provide you will all information for automated transmission of the results to your corporate system. The delivery may also be complemented with a laboratory sieving device with integrated measurement of the weight of individual fractions.

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