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Sampling from pipelines

vzorkovacSampling is done by means of a pocket with an open slot that periodically moves from one end position to the other one. The width and shape of the slot are selectable with regard to the character of the sampled material. During the movement a partial sample is drawn and in the end position the sampling pocket is completely outside the pipeline section and sealed. Thanks to this an objective sample is taken from the whole section of the transport path, not only from a margin or the centre. The sampling interval is continuously adjustable from 1 sample/5 seconds to 1 sample/1 hour. Another variable parameter is the speed of movement of the sampling pocket from one position to the other one. The drawn partial sample falls into the prepared container. It is transported through a pipe with a selectable length. Alternatively, you can select a different way of transport of the partial sample than gravity. Remote control allows you to switch the sampler from the control room or another place.

vzorkovac v akciAdvantages:

  • representative sample
  • possibility of setting or programming of the partial sampling frequency
  • selectable speed of movement of the sampling pocket along the pipeline section
  • automatic sampling
  • reliable function
  • versatile use (virtually all free flowing materials)
  • possibility of remote control
  • dust-proof design

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