About us

We have been active on the market since 1990

Our company was founded in 1990, meaning that we have almost three decades of good, honest work under our belts. In that time we have built close cooperation with many quality suppliers from different parts of the world, some of whom have been with us on our journey from the very outset. We build our position on the market in close proximity to our customers, their needs being our primary motivation and inspiration in continuing to develop the company.

Our name, O.K. SERVIS BioPro, is intended to emphasise two important features – our concentration on aspects of BIOlogy and our intention to provide PROfessional services.

Our approach

Our company works in a wide range of areas – from different sectors of the food industry, through schools, research and development on to sectors of industry. We always endeavour to understand the specific needs of individual customers, provide them with high-quality products and come up with a comprehensive solution that is made to measure.
Our main goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Our customers are provided with appropriate solutions that support their business activities thanks to our knowledge and worldwide contacts to manufacturers of first-rate products. We also provide customers with far-reaching technological and technical support for their production and development.

We stress mutual trust, long-term cooperation and quality products in our relationships with suppliers and customers alike.

This is who we are

We have a team made up of more than 45 professionals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The broad professional spectrum of workers at the company is made up of business specialists from different areas of interest in relation to the technology of food production, agriculture, microbiology and other areas. Their work is supported by application experts from the laboratory, qualified and skilful technicians and colleagues from the world of administration and logistics.

Development and production

We employ our practical experience and knowledge of the requirements of the market for our own development and production. The success of our products, which are used in different sectors all over the world, is a significant motivating factor for us in terms of onward development and broadening our production activities.

What we can we offer you

We provide our customers with a product AND with our know-how. Our company experts provide all customers with their specialised technical knowledge, thanks to which the thoughts, desires or needs of our customers can be transformed into an all-encompassing solution that is literally made-to-measure.

We also use the practical experience of our professional advisors in different fields to provide technological support to production. Whether in the processing of milk or in other food production processes, we are able to advise customers and assist in testing and evaluation of the results of technological tests. We also pass on the very latest knowledge of research and development and experience from other countries to our customers, with the active support of our suppliers.

We are convinced that technical support and servicing are an inherent part of the product that you buy. Our team of servicing technicians is therefore ready to deal with all servicing requirements, either at the customer’s premises or in our well-equipped modern workshops.

Quality products and services

Our company places major emphasis on the quality of the products and services which we provide. We therefore have a clearly-defined quality policy in our quality management system.

We have also held an ISO 9001 certificate since 2004.

Where to find us

You will find the O.K. SERVIS BioPro head office in a modern complex in Prague - Horní Počernice. Our technical and administration facilities, meaning offices, servicing workshops, training rooms, laboratories and storage space covering an area of 1,200 square metres, allow us to provide quality logistics and servicing.

50°7’3.666″N, 14°38’12.849″E

The O.K. SERVIS BioPro Group

We are not alone. Our subsidiary, O.K. SERVIS BioPro SK, s.r.o., has its head office in Bratislava and concentrates its activity on the whole of the Slovak Republic.

Another member of the O.K. SERVIS BioPro Group, SIOT Trade, is seated in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and focuses on a full range of equipment for laboratories. Its range includes laboratory glass, laboratory supplies and other products used to equip laboratories.

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